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Weighted blankets can cause some questions in mind with their designs and usages that are unlike any textile product. Many precious WONAP customers contact us with questions like:

  • How do I clean my blanket?
  • Is my blanket and duvet cover suitable for machine washing?
  • Does my washing machine damage the glass beads inside?
  • How about hand-wash?
  • How do I dry my blanket?


Today, we are going to talk about how to keep your weighted blanket clean and hygiene for longer without damaging or tearing it. We wrote this article for you today. As the WONAP family, we created a complete washing/cleaning guide for you!


Since WONAP weighted blanket serves a specific purpose and has special bamboo fabric, some traditional approaches should be avoided in their cleaning process.



We would like to start by telling you

what you SHOULD NOT DO in weighted blanket cleaning.


1- Do not use hot water for washing. Warm or cold water will be enough for their cleaning.

2- Only use the delicate cycle of your washing machine. (Some washing machines, often old-fashioned ones, can damage the texture of your weighted blanket by washing it too harshly. At this point, wearing of your weighted blanket is not a problem caused by the weighted blanket)

3- Do not tumble dry!

4- Do not dry clean!

5- Do not use aggressive chemicals such as bleaching products, vinegar or any washing agent including sodium hypochloride!

6- Do not iron the weighted blanket!

7- Wash it as needed after a certain time of use. All kinds of textiles wear out quickly when washed frequently. This is an unwritten rule! :)

8- You do not need to use any kind of fabric softener because WONAP’s 100% natural bamboo fabric is always soft even after being washed.

9- If you are handwashing it, do not rub it harshly.

10- Always try to wash with similar-colored products in order to prevent color shifts.


Why Should You Use a Duvet Cover?

The duvet cover is a protective layer that has ties and a zipper which protects your weighted blanket or comforter from stains & any damage.

According to the capacity of your washing machine, laundering your weighted blanket can be difficult because some of our customers ask for advice about the issue that they do not have a washing machine powerful enough to wash a heavy blanket! At this point, duvet covers are useful because they shield your weighted blanket during use and are easily removed and easy to wash. Especially if you have a fur baby, duvet covers will be a savior for you.

Besides, when you are bored with the appearance of your room, you can change the duvet covers to get different indoor styles without the need for redecoration.



We definitely recommend the WONAP %100 bamboo duvet cover to our customers who want to feel that long lasting feeling of ‘’clean sheet’’ all the time! Bamboo fabric is much softer than other cotton and polyester duvet cover fabrics. WONAP duvet cover is machine washable and can be easily removed and put back on! If you’d like to take a closer look at our health-friendly bamboo duvet cover, click here!




An Overall Guide for Washing Your Weighted Blanket


1- Weighted blankets from all brands have a little washing instruction label on the edge of the weighted blanket. Pay attention to follow the instructions on these labels because each brand may use different fabric types which may require different care.

2- If you use a WONAP duvet cover, unzip the duvet cover first, then untie the loops of the weighted blanket and remove it.

3-  If you are going to machine wash it, we recommend washing it with warm or cold water. If there is only a stain in a certain area, you can rub gently with a detergent which is not aggressive, do not use hot water. Also you do not need to use any fabric softener.

4- Pay attention to how much load capacity your washing machine has, then put your weighted blanket according to it. Always set the ‘delicate’ program for your weighted blanket and bamboo duvet cover in order to preserve their softness for a long time.

5- As you have seen in the list of ‘’should not do’s’’ listed above, we strongly recommend you to NOT tumble dry or dry clean.

6- You can leave your blanket on a flat and dry surface and wait for it to dry. Depending on the place you live, you can also leave your blanket under the sun to dry.

7- After drying, you can shake your weighted blanket one time and gently smooth it by your hand to fix the beads inside, then keep using it. Your blanket is clean now, just like the first day you purchased it!


If you have any problems with the cleaning and maintenance of your blanket, please contact our WONAP Team directly! We are always here to answer your questions and provide you necessary instructions to use your weighted blanket for longer!

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