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  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Polyester Weighted Blanket?
  • Cotton and Environmental Damages & Disadvantages
  • Bamboo Fabric's Benefits For Health & Advantages

    When you visit a store to buy a coat for winter, or when you are shopping for underwear, you always check the fabric label of that product you are going to buy, right? So why do you think you check the label when purchasing such products? Have you ever thought about it? Because we want fabrics that touch our body to be suitable for our health. We do not want allergen or inaccurate products to touch our skin and inhale in unhealthy fabrics all day long.

    In fact, the fabrics we wear and touch affect our health at least as much as the food we consume.

    We recommend you not only to check the labels of the clothes you wear but also the labels of the products you buy from the home decor category such as blankets and quilts you use while sleeping or resting. 

    If you are at the stage of purchasing your first weighted blanket and you have question marks about the fabric in your mind, keep reading this post carefully.

    How Much Do You Know About ‘Polyester’?

    Although the name sounds very familiar, what do you really know about this type of fabric? For example, did you know that polyester is 0% natural, made of plastic and fully synthetic? You probably did not know. 

    The vast majority of brands that sell weighted blankets use polyester fabric for their weighted blankets. The only reason we face this fabric a lot today is the low cost of its poor quality production. 

    The most significant thing to know is that the polyester is chemically treated. These chemical treatments usually occur by the reaction of chemicals such as coal and oil with air pressure and water.

    We do recommend you not to purchase and inhale this material in the form of a weighted blanket that contains a large number of chemicals.

    ‘Cotton’ Is Not Eco-friendly As You Think!

    Although we visualize a ‘’natural and environmentally friendly material’’ when we think of cotton, it has too numerous disadvantages to list. 

    Did you know that the production of just a single pair of jeans takes between 10.000 - 20.000 gallons of water?

    Cotton costs a lot on our planet in the process of being transformed into clothing. In addition, pesticides and chemicals are used in cotton farming more than you can imagine. Therefore, these chemicals penetrate the cotton and are carried to your home with the products you buy.

    If you are going to choose a weighted blanket with cotton fabric, you need to learn more from the beginning. 

    • Cotton shrinks badly
    • Elasticity level is poor and creases very easily
    • Highly absorbent and heavy. It takes a long time to dry
    • Not a very durable fabric



     If You Love Your Skin and Environment, 
    Bamboo Is For You

    We are aware that you are not as familiar with bamboo fabric as cotton or polyester. Bamboo fabric is a type of fabric that has just begun to be used by designers. 

    In these days, when people’s awareness of the environment is increasing, bamboo is a primary reason for preference because it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    This amazing and versatile material offers a completely eco-friendly solution to many of our modern problems!


    Why Should You Buy Bamboo Weighted Blanket?


  • Thermo-control feature by nature: It’s highly breathable, helping you keep cool in summer and warmer in winter. This is the most basic and unique feature of bamboo plants.
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skins: Bamboo fabric allows your skin to breathe and its anti-static properties mean it won’t cling to the skin.
  • Ultra-soft, does not lose its soft texture over time like other fabrics: Bamboo is much softer than cotton or polyester.
  • Moisture absorbent: Bamboo absorbs the moisture in your body and keeps you dry all night long.
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal: Bamboo is not a type of fabric that bacteria and fungi prefer to live on. Thus, it helps to keep your body fresh and clean. 
  • UV protection: WONAP 100% bamboo weighted blanket is suitable for outdoor pursuits and travels thanks to bamboo’s UV protection feature by nature.
  • Odour Protection: Bamboo is an odor-free fabric because it is antibacterial. No bacteria means no smell.


    Before purchasing an item that you’ll use while you sleep, we recommend that you read the above carefully and do your shopping after that. If you'd like to take a closer look at the WONAP 100% bamboo weighted blanket, you can click here.

    All industries started to GO GREEN after realizing that protecting the environment is vital in the 21st century, now it’s your turn!

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