Get Away From Your Anxious Thoughts
12th February 2021, Posted by Ece A.

We have been away from our social activities at every stage of our lives. When we have the flu, or the psychological problems we experienced at that time, we may not be willing to leave home and go out. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we did not only stay away from our social activities; we have forgotten most of it. It is too normal to feel depressed in these difficult days in which we cannot hug our loved ones; our mother, father or children with peace of mind.

Although centers have started vaccinations recently, no expert can say for sure how long this process will take. Instead of thinking about this bothersome process, we should take care of our health at the first stage. Before anything else, we need to keep our mental health up. Although we can’t manage all the external factors that exacerbate depression and anxiety, we would like to recommend some tips to calm you during the rest of the pandemic.

Do Not Delay Your Exercises & Take a Leisurely Walk: Stroll, walk or run, and let your toxic energy start flowing. Once out, you will feel much lighter and comfortable in terms of mind. A basic activity like walking is not only beneficial for your mental status, but also for your physical condition.


Get caught up in an Audiobook or a Podcast: Listening to a voice narrating a story could help you to ease by relieving your brain and body. Indeed, what is better than having someone telling a story to you?

Challenge with Sudoku or any Mind Exercise: Questioning your brain helps you to keep any kind of toxic thought away from what causes anxiety at that moment. Puzzles are a good way of keeping your brain cells balanced too. Win-win!


Be Sure You Get a Good Night Sleep: It is a really well known fact that sleep is one of the most significant aspects for both physical and mental health. There’s no activity like waking up feeling smooth and refreshed; eager to start a new routine. Good night’s sleep can tend to reduce  the effects of anxiety and depression by itself, but it can also give you the strength and motivation you need to make any of the other lifestyle changes. 





Try Something New...

Use a Weighted Blanket


Do Weighted Blankets Really Work for Depressive Mood?

The concept of using some weight as a soothing technique is based on current modern medical practices. The weighted blankets are specifically designed to function to recreate the deep pressure on the body. It is the same way that tight swaddling makes babies feel snug and safe so they can fall asleep faster. The blanket essentially captures a soothing touch, potentially helping to calm down and relieve the nervous system.

Feeling a gentle pressure over a weighted blanket sets your nervous system into ‘rest mode’, by lowering the uneasiness of anxiety, such as difficulty in respiring or quickened heart rate. The blanket provides the user with anxiety and an overall feeling of the relieved mind and body. It provides a perfect sound sleep with the feeling of relaxation.

90% of the users say that a weighted blanket supports them to soothe.



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