How To Deal With Travel Anxiety?

How To Deal With Travel Anxiety?




How Does Your Weighted Blanket Help You to Have a More Comfortable Flight?

November 12th, 2020 Posted by Ece A. 

What Is Travel Anxiety?

Try to remember the day you first go on an airplane. Maybe you were a kid when you first got on, but we still think you remember that first moment. It is one of the most exciting moments, right? Besides your excitement and curiosity, we are sure that you also experience ‘’fear’’ to your bones. 

The reason for your fear may be a simple and human concern that occurs simply because your feet are not touching the ground. You are miles above the earth in a small metal box, and there is nothing you can do in any trouble. It is actually normal on your first flight. However, if this concern arises every time you board a plane, even when you are in the car on the way to the airport; you may have chronic travel anxiety. By the way, those who suffer from constant general anxiety and panic attacks are also prone to travel anxiety because travel only changes their comfort zone and represents distance!

Would Like To Learn The Main Triggers of Your Travel Anxiety?

As with any worry or fear, the first step in overcoming or dealing with it is to identify where it comes from. Just like any fear, the same consideration is true for travel anxiety.

  • Unknown: As a certified psychologist and media strategist, ‘’It can be very worrisome not to know what will happen or how things will go’’ says Dr. Ashley Hampton.
  • Previous bad travel experience: If the airplane you were traveling with before went into turbulence, or the baby in your back seat cried along the way; it is completely normal to be worried about getting on a plane. Such situations can cause unnecessary travel anxiety.
  • Horror stories: Some people are badly affected by the ‘’worst-case scenarios’’ that they hear from the news or films. Kidnappings, injuries and other transportation accidents can easily create horror scenarios in people’s minds, and that causes anxiety.
  • Leaving the comfort zone: Moving away from what they know and are used to is also a great trigger for people with constant anxiety. 
  • Literally ‘’Fear of Flying’’: Travel anxiety stems from the physical condition of being on an airplane. As we said before, how relaxed can you be in a box where your feet do not touch the ground.

  • How Your Weighted Blanket Helps You Relax While Traveling?

    When we go on a long trip, we put on our headphones, close our eyes and try to get away from all the noise and thoughts. However, some people cannot avoid travel anxiety whether they put on headphones or try to sleep, because anxiety may not be mild enough to be treated by such simple methods for everyone. That’s why we came up with a direct solution so that you do not waste time with simple advice!


    Weighted Blankets were invented at the end of the 90s and proved to us that medicine-free treatment is possible. 

    They are cozy throws that are filled with specific materials such as plastic pellets, steel, sand or glass beads. As WONAP, we use glass beads in our bamboo weighted blanket, which is the most suitable material for human health. 

    WONAP weighted blanket has an elegant design that you can keep one of your bags only for your weighted blanket and take it on your travels. If you would like to take a closer look at WONAP 100% Bamboo Weighted Blanket, just click here!


    You can use your weighted blanket in two ways during your journey. 

    1- As a Shawl: Take your weighted blanket over your shoulders and let it relieve your mind with the balanced weights inside. A good sleep during the trip will help you to lose track of time!

    2- Put on Your Lap: Place your blanket on your lap so that it applies equal pressure to your legs. Then read your book or rest your eyes, if you wish! You will see the difference.

    The feeling of being pressed and squeezed gently by the weighted blanket can result in a relieving effect. This is the key feature that distinguishes the weighted blankets from ordinary ones!

    The glass beads or any other weights inside the blanket apply suitable pressure to the user's body. This pressure that occurs and impacts is called ‘’deep pressure stimulation’’. This is the reason why weighted blankets and some weighted vests related to deep pressure therapy are used in sub-health problems such as anxiety, sensory disorders, autism and insomnia.

    Deep Pressure Therapy increases happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, and also decreases cortisol levels which are considered as ‘stress hormones’ in the body, researches stated. This causes a direct effect on people’s moods and behavior. 


    You can cope with your anxiety without using medication or any extra effort! We strongly recommend that you give weighted blankets a try, whose effects are that obvious. If you would like to get more information about anxiety and weighted blankets, you can check out the other blog post of us.



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