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What is Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?

If you have difficulty moving your legs, especially when you’re just sitting or lying in bed, you also feel unusual sensations like a tingling, crawling, or pulling sensation in your legs; it's a high probability that you’ve already met restless leg syndrome.

If you have the restless leg syndrome, doing even the simplest activities in your daily life could be a burden for you. For example, a long car trip or a flight can be more challenging compared to a healthy individual.

People who are experiencing restless leg syndrome are likely to have sleeping problems or staying asleep. They usually have sleep deprivation and have difficulties getting enough night sleep. Sleepiness, exhaustion and physical discomfort during the day affect your physical and mental health.



What are the Reasons for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?

The cause of restless leg syndrome is not understood, which can be seen in other chronic conditions.

Genetic causes, everyday stress, low levels of iron in the brain are also believed to cause restless leg syndrome.

Apart from these, it has been observed that if you consume caffeinated drinks and alcohol frequently, these could also increase symptoms. 



What are the remedies for RLS?

Although no medicine can radically cure restless leg syndrome, current medications only manage to reduce symptoms. 

  • Exercises: You can exercise regularly and strengthen your muscles by creating an exercise program appropriate for your body with your doctor.
  • Massage: You can feel the relaxation by accelerating the blood circulation in that area by regularly massaging your legs.
  • Sleep pattern: Sleeping is vital to all the systems in our body. A regular sleep schedule will help reduce your RLS symptoms.
  • Consumption control: You should switch to decaffeinated beverages and reduce alcoholic ones.





Do You Know Deep Pressure Stimulation?

‘Deep Pressure Stimulation’ is described as the sensation developed when the individual is gently hugged, squeezed, stroked or held. It is generally used by health professionals affiliated with people with some chronic sub-health problems such as insomnia, autism spectrum disorder, restless leg syndrome, ADHD, sensory deficit disorders, etc. It is a kind of natural remedy, helping to reduce stress and anxiety effects and boosting productivity, performance and normalizing daily lives.



Can A Weighted Blanket Help my RLS?

Weighted blankets are working with a scientific method called ‘’Deep Pressure Stimulation’’ which we’ve just highlighted above.

Weighted blankets apply a sensitive pressure to the body with the weights inside, this pressure helps to soothe the nerves on legs, increase blood circulation. Also this feeling helps to relax your mind and gives the user a calm mood.

In addition to reducing RLS symptoms, weighted blankets provide the user with a comfortable and sound sleep. 

Weighted blankets are highly recommended especially for children’s sensory processing disorder. They supports the relaxation of the person and the secretion of melatonin and serotonin hormones which are called ‘happy hormones’ by applying gentle pressure to the tissues.

You’ll see the difference in a very short time after you start using it. Stop taking medications and move towards natural remedies!

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