Majority of Americans purchase their weighted blankets from us in order to get the best night’s sleep quality! From the other hand, is the weighted blanket a nice gift for your friends, family and other loved ones? Whether the person you want to order for likes relaxation or might benefit from having more sleep, there’s a fair chance they’ll enjoy it!

Why Do People Like and Need Our Weighted Blankets?

Please take a little look at our ratings and reviews, you’ll definitely see thousands of satisfied customer reviews about how their sleep and comfort has changed in a positive way, or how the weighted blanket they got helped to make them relax. 
We picked and chose several feedback for you where people bought or got a weighted blanket as a gift from this article to give you a better sense of whether or not this will be well received as a gift.


‘’I have to admit.... I'm the world's biggest skeptic. I did quite a bit of research to see if this blanket was going to be the perfect fit for me as I tried EVERYTHING known to man to relieve my Restless Leg Syndrome ( diet, exercise, homeopathic remedies, you name it). I figured I could try it and if it didn't work out, I'd return it. I bought the King size blanket even though I have a double bed. Which is great, because I can pull it up over my shoulders and it covers the WHOLE bed, allows me to tuck it under the mattress and doesn't shift when I turn from side to side. BUT most importantly .... IT WORKS WONDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No RLS AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!! It's comfortable, not hot, and so soft. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!! Where has this company been my whole life ?! FIVE STARS, very nicely made. Get it, you won't regret it and you too will sleep like a dream!!’’


‘’When I first saw this on Amazon, my initial thought was, "weighted blanket?!". Well, I decided to give it a try and wow, what a difference it makes! Due to its weight, I don't move as much, therefore I sleep deeper and longer. It's very comfortable and keeps warm. The weight also adds a level of comfort to the quality of my sleep and position. I did machine wash it cold/delicate and it came out fine. I even placed it in the dryer, despite it saying not to (took a risk there). Since I don't have a place to hang the blanket, I put it in the dryer on delicate. It came out fine. It's important to mention that, we have a pretty big washer and dryer, maybe why it worked for me. Overall, great product, I am even thinking about looking into the other products now. Highly recommend it!’’


‘’I had done a lot of reading prior to making my purchase. And let me tell you. This blanket IS WORTH EVERY PENNY OF THE BARGAIN PRICE. It is exquisitely make I’m so impressed with the workmanship on this blanket. Attention to every detail Insures this will be used for years and years. One of the thins that I love THAT I HAVE NOT HEARD MENTIONED BEFORE IS that when I have to get up In the middle of our cold winter nights to let my puppy go outside to go potty, what a joy it is to clime back into my bed which has retained some of my body heat and position I was laying in. It’s like. PUTTING ON A PAIR OF BELOVED GLOVES!’’

They feel fantastic and encouraged to flow through easily thanks to our high quality cooling bamboo fabric. There is also a way to customize your Weighted Blanket gift pack. We highly advise you to also look into the 100% bamboo duvet covers for a long-lasting feeling of hygiene!


Is a Weighted Blanket a reasonable gift? Certainly! If they don't like it, they will exchange it for a complete refund within 30 days! That's how certain we are of our Weighted Blankets as presents! Check out the link to place your order right away!

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