Some Need-To-Know Benefits of Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

22nd February 2021, Posted by Ece A.


If you are considering getting a weighted blanket during your pregnancy but are hesitant, please keep reading this blog post! We will explain the benefits of heavy blankets for the body and sleep pattern. 

Can Weighted Blankets Be Used During Pregnancy?

If you choose the weight of your heavy blanket according to your body weight, there is no harm or inconveniency in using a weighted blanket. However, we STRONGLY want to state that if you have a pre-existing discomfort, disability or problem related to your joints, be sure to consult your doctor before using.

After consulting your doctor and getting your definitive answer, you can enjoy a painless and comfortable sleep with your baby thanks to your heavy helper! We have no doubt that the weighted blanket will be your best friend throughout your pregnancy. Check out and try now!

Why Should I Use a Weighted During My Pregnancy?

It has been scientifically proven that a weighted blanket benefits the person who uses it both mentally and physiologically. We have compiled a few benefits that can convince you to use weighted blankets to sleep comfortably at night during a period of high potential for discomfort as pregnancy.

Let’s first talk about what a weighted blanket is, and how it works…

Weighted Blankets are cozy throws that are filled with specific materials such as plastic pellets, steel, sand or glass beads. As WONAP, we use glass beads in our bamboo blanket, which is the most suitable material for human health. The most optimal weighted blanket is going to be the one that weighs 8-12% of your body weight. The feeling of being pressed and squeezed gently by the weighted blanket can result in a relieving effect. This is the key feature that distinguishes the weighted blankets from ordinary ones.



Do Weighted Blankets Really Help Me to Sleep Relaxed While I’m Pregnant?

The concept of using some weight as a soothing technique is based on current modern medical practices. The weighted blankets are specifically designed to function to recreate the deep pressure on the body. It is the same way that tight swaddling makes babies feel snug and safe so they can fall asleep faster. The blanket essentially captures a soothing touch, potentially helping to calm down and relieve the nervous system.

Feeling a gentle pressure over a weighted blanket sets your parasympathetic nervous system into ‘rest mode’, by lowering the uneasiness of anxiety, such as difficulty in respiring or quickened heart rate. The blanket provides the user with anxiety and an overall feeling of the relieved mind and body. It provides a perfect sound sleep with the feeling of relaxation.


BENEFIT 1 - Manage Your Distress

Everyone knows that pregnancy can be a very turbulent period mentally. Especially if it is your first! You can relax with the light pressure that a weighted blanket will put on your body during these days when you spend emotionally exhausting times. The weight and balanced pressure makes you simulate the experience of a hug. This experience paves the way for releasing good chemicals into your body which help slow your heart rate and feel relaxed.


BENEFIT 2 - Time To Calmly Shut Your Eyes!

During your pregnancy or shortly after birth, you may have trouble falling asleep easily. As long as this problem you are experiencing is not serious or has other reasons, you can get support from the weighted blanket you have. The greatest and perhaps the most basic feature of weighted blankets is that it makes it easier for you to fall asleep faster or prevents waking up frequently at night. The hugging simulation which weighted blankets create will soothe your body and mind.


BENEFIT 3 - Your Posture Is Important

When you are pregnant, your posture is extra important as there is an additional weight on your body. True posture is really necessary during the night. A healthy sleeping posture will improve blood circulation and alleviate tension on your muscles by various pillows and supports.


BENEFIT 4 - Keep Your Body Temperature Stable

Another common experience during pregnancy is sweating constantly. If you are prone to perspire and generally overheating, we strongly recommend our weighted blanket. It’s made of 100% natural bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric feels like to cold side of the pillow which make it easy for the body to relax. So you can stay cool and calm all night long.

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