12th March 2021, Posted by Ece A.

Weighted blankets are up and coming house equipment which work on the Deep Pressure Stimulation principle. This principle uses a gentle pressure to alleviate tension. These convenient blankets have proven to be really effective for people who are suffering from multiple mental illnesses such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia and bipolar disorder or chronic bone & muscle pains. 

You do not need a negative reason to use these heavy blankets. Most of our customers prefer us in order to have a comfortable sleep pattern without getting too hot during the night & leaving the stress of daily life aside. Due to the recent arisen popularity of weighted blankets, there are so several weighted blanket types and fabrics on the market. This ensures that there is a wide variety of choices that users can select from. While this is still okay, it can be a little confusing for a first time customer. We came up with this blog post, therefore. We hope this is going to help you to find out which blanket is right for you.

1- Comfort Comes with Correct Size and Weight

The most basic rule of weighted blankets that all consumers should consider when getting a weighted blanket is to get one that is around 10-12% of their body weight. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, do not get a blanket that weighs more than 10-12 pounds. Therefore, you need to pay particular attention to weight, for this is probably the most important consideration for your comfort and health.

2- It’s Not Only a ‘’Fabric’’, Material Matters!

Weighted blankets typically come in cotton or minky which is very warm and soft to touch. If you start to get too hot, we suggest that you buy a bamboo blanket because it’s popular for its breathability and also cooler than other types of fabrics such as minky polyester or cotton blankets. Bamboo has a natural insulation system which keeps the user's body temperature stable at room temperature throughout the year.

3- A Little Detail But Do not Forget to Check the Washing Instructions

Everyone wants the products they use to be easily washed within minutes. You can maintain the feeling of hygiene of your WONAP weighted blanket by following the washing instructions. If you say ‘’I am too lazy to wash my blanket at home’’, you can check out or duvet covers as well as weighted blankets.

4- You May Need Some Time to Get Used To the Weighted Blanket

Nearly every product which we try on our body comes with an adjustment time, no matter what brand you purchased. It is likely that the weight of the blanket would at first feel unfamiliar and maybe even uncomfortable to you. You need to remind yourself that this is only a normal process of the DPS method. You are going to start adjusting to it within a few days or a week.

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