WONAP Bamboo Weighted Blanket

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      If you woke up in a sweaty mess on a hot summer night, it's time to meet Best Weighted Blanket.
     The cold touch of the bamboo heavy blanket and the glass beads have a feature that will provide you with peace of mind and cool you all night long. It is a cozy blanket made of 100% Bamboo Fabric.

           With the silky and smooth texture of WONAP weighted blanket bamboo fabric, you can expect to enjoy the luxurious feeling it gives to your skin for many years.

           A great calming blanket to snuggle under while reading a good book on a rainy day.

Best Weighted Blanket


             The best blanket for those who have trouble sleeping and those who are hot sleepers. Include WONAP in your life, you will never look back


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  • WONAP Cooling Heavy Blanket, 100% Natural Bamboo Fabric is breathable and moisture absorbent. Glass beads, which are so small that they cannot be noticed while sleeping, and which are in the very soft cotton parts, grip the body tightly, thus absorbing excess heat and cause a cooler sleep.
  • Bamboo Cooling Blanket fabrics do not contain bad odors longer than other fabrics. In addition, since cotton fabrics have a high ability to absorb oil and sweat from the human body, gray and yellow dirt images on the fabric do not occur on the bamboo fabric. So it requires less detergent to clean and wash. Thus, you can save detergent.
  • Temperature Regulator. The glass beads in the inner part of the best-weighted blanket are filled evenly in each compartment. So you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So you stay at the optimum temperature in all weather conditions.              
  • Noiseless and Durable. Thanks to the 4"x4" diamond design, the movement of the glass beads is prevented. Thus, the beads do not make noise and allow you to sleep more comfortably. The dense stitching and durable thread of the bamboo fabric prevent the glass beads from leaking.
  • If you have trouble sleeping at night, with WONAP calming blanket, you will not only have trouble falling asleep but also wake up less at night.     
  • The recommended size for single beds is 48x78 or 60x80. Adults can use the queen size. The recommended size for full-size or queen-size beds is 15 lbs 60”x80”. If you move around a lot while sleeping, the 60"x80" queen size can only be used by one person.

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