What is Bamboo Fabric?

Traditionally, people have thought that cotton fabric is the right and the most suitable material for human health for themselves and their loved ones. We consider the cotton fabric as pure, soft and environmentally friendly. However, people who discover and try bamboo fabric are completely changing their minds. What is bamboo fabric and why you should choose bamboo instead of others? Here is everything you need to know.

Bamboo fabric is made of the pulp of the bamboo plant. It resembles regular cotton as a puffball of fibers in its unspun form. Compared to regular cotton fabrics, bamboo is much more better for human body.


Bamboo Is Environmentally Friendly!

In this age we live in, each of us is trying to find solutions about how we can take better care of our planet and reduce the potential environmental damages. Bamboo fabric is a great alternative for those who are thinking in this way!

Bamboo fabric is much more ecologically harmless to produce. It is very good for the environment that bamboo is a fast-growing plant and can be easily replenished after it is harvested.

Did you know that ordinary cotton fibers are bleached by chemical treatments before being turned into fabric material? However, bamboo material is presented to you by being processed in a pure and harmless way without getting such chemical treatments. This is the biggest proof that it will have much smaller impacts on the environment and human health than other weighted blankets.

Super Soft Texture

Imagine buying a new bedding. When you use it for the first time, you will notice it is itching or just makes you feel uncomfortable because of its texture. The reason for this may be the material used in the production of the fabric. Regular cotton fabric can be irritating for your skin if there are roughness on its surface.

Bamboo fabric is known for being super soft, as the fiber is naturally smooth and pure. There’s no chemical treatment needed to produce its fiber, so it’s totally proper for people with allergies too. People who are prone to allergic reactions can also use our bamboo fabric without concern.


Buy WONAP Bamboo Blanket For The Best Sleeping Experience!

If you want to maximize your sleep quality, try your bamboo blanket with our bamboo sheets! With its super soft texture and cool feeling, you will experience a deep and uninterrupted sleep as if you were sleeping on the clouds.

If you currently use and love cotton sheets in your daily life, you should definitely give bamboo fabric a chance. Make sure that you will change your mind!


Bamboo Is a Perfect Alternative For Kids!

Hands up if you have a child that refuses to wear some fabrics because he/she doesn’t like the texture of them? Some children with sensory processing problems are relieved by the fiber of certain textures. At this point, bamboo fabric is the most suitable option for your child. Thanks to its softness as described above, your children will not feel uncomfortable as the soft fabric will create fewer problems for individuals with sensory issues.

Kids that prone to allergic reactions will find it much easier to use bamboo fabric too. Their allergic reactions will be minimized, so their daily lives will be more comfortable and easier.


Bamboo Is Antibacterial

That's right! Bamboo material is naturally antibacterial, and your blanket preserves its first-day durability even against multiple washes. Bamboo which is the most suitable fabric for human hygiene locks excess moisture in your skin. While doing this, it does not create an unpleasant odor in any way, it prevents perspiring and helps you to sleep dry and clean even in summer.

Our customers who tired of their body odors found bamboo weighted blankets much more useful as it prevents bad odors and bacterial growth.


A Fabric For Everyone

As you can see, bamboo is the most ideal alternative for you and all your loved ones who consider their health and hygiene. It’s extremely soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly! If you want to minimize your damage to the environment, we are here for you as WONAP!


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