An Easy Method of Therapy

An Easy Method of Therapy

Avoid Sleep Problems:

Providing DEEP PRESSURE STIMULATION with Weighted Blankets

September 22nd, 2020 Posted by Ece A.


Can We Really Consider Weighted Blankets as a Medication-free Treatment?

Up to one-third of the population of the industrialized countries suffers from sleep insufficiency, according to most epidemiological researches that have been carried out for a long while. Lack of sleep problem affects all categories of people from adolescents to the elderly and this is an increasing trouble due to modern lifestyles, urbanization and related external factors, particularly in cities. Sleep deficiency has short- and long-term consequences.

 It has been observed to cause advanced levels of depression, psychological burn-out, meltdowns, sensory overload, psychosomatic disorders, addictions or tendency to trigger existing addictions, fibromyalgia as well as several other serious health issues (e.g. nutritional, metabolic, cardiovascular). Besides that, professional lifestyles, especially your business may be also be disrupted with severe economic consequences due to reasons such as productivity loss, getting wrong decisions, working accidents, insufficient emotional reactions, etc. Your sleep insufficiency can also lead to some social and family-related aggravations as well. Pharmacological and behavioral approaches are frequently used to prevent sleep disturbances. However, taking medicines can be also addictive or have some side effects for some people. Otherwise psychosomatic and behavioral approaches require lasting sessions of therapy and can take time to achieve remarkable results. There is a need for alternative, simplified solutions to enhance and sustain better sleep.


You Experienced Deep Pressure Stimulation Before!

Imagine opening your eyes under your thick quilt on a chilly morning in winter. That weight and light pressure of that quilt makes you incredibly calm, right? If you have ever experienced this feeling even for once, you have might have a little taste of what Deep Pressure Stimulation can do your nervous system. Now, we cannot wait to tell you in this post what ‘’Deep Pressure’’ is, which can treat problems more effectively and quickly that used to be solved in the long term only by taking medication! If we put in a nutshell, ‘Deep Pressure Stimulation’ has been identified as the sensation developed when the individual is gently hugged, squeezed, stroked or held. It is generally used by health professionals affiliated with people with some chronic sub-health problems such as insomnia, autism spectrum disorder, restless leg syndrome, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, sensory deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, fibromyalgia, etc. It is believed to be beneficial, helping to reduce stress and anxiety effects and boosting productivity, performance and normalizing daily lives. In psychiatric and clinical disorders especially autism spectrum, sensory deficit and pervasive developmental disorders, the implementation of deep pressure with some types of equipment such as Weighted Blankets and exclusive sensory products, has been reported to have a soothing and stimulating effect.


A Brief Overview to How the Deep Pressure Function on Your Body

We all have at least one friend or family member in our life who hates hugging and making any sort of touch. However, from a scientific point of view, as studies have shown, ‘hugging and being firmly squeezed’ is essentially important for human health, particularly for children.

Deep touch pressure acts as a calming or focusing agent to increase activity in the parasympathetic division, and lower activity in the sympathetic division of the Autonomic Nervous System. (Hsin-Yung Chen et. al., 2011). These opposite actions of two variance cause to raise endorphin and melatonin levels and decrease heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels in the human body (these three are anxiety and stress metrics in general). Deep Pressure Stimulation (being hugged or squeezed) also triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine into the nerves as well. Serotonin and dopamine are referred to as ‘happy neurotransmitters’ and they let our nervous system to feel relaxed and relieved. Deep Pressure provides sufficient sensory input for individuals with anxiety, tactile sensory seeking behavior or subhealth problems they need to have and let their psychological and physiological system to function properly. WONAP’s revolutionary glass beads and bamboo technology stimulates the deep pressure feeling on joints and muscles. This aims to provide efficient sensory input to prevent improper sensory stimulation, discomfort and anxiety.


Material and Methods of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets that started to be produced in the early 1990s are now being used as a very widespread method of treatment. They are commonly used for controlling the anxiety levels and prevent sleep deprivation problem. While some people prefer it for their child with an autism spectrum disorder or their grandparents who have dementia, others prefer weighted blankets to feel as if they are sleeping above the clouds after a tired and stressful working day. Unlike blankets or quilts which only usable in winter and made of wool or cotton and cause itching or irritation when it touches your skin, WONAP weighted blankets can be used in all seasons and do not cause any irritation due to its bamboo fabric. A little footnote: The WONAP has always been striving to do the best for the users by preferring bamboo fabric, which stands out from other weighted blankets. Bamboo fiber is naturally much healthier than cotton for human skin and is more comfortable in use through all seasons with its breathability feature.


What Makes the Feeling of ‘Deep Pressure’ While Using the Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets contain stuffing made of different materials by varying from brand to brand for obtaining the required weight load on your body. These weights provide constant tactile sensory stimulation on your body. Here are some materials which are used in Weighted Blankets: plastic pellets, steel beads or micro glass beads in general.

  • Plastic Pellets: Plastic pellets are not the softest or most preferable if we evaluate those three stuffing materials. Pellets could discomfort the user by feeling rough if your blanket is not properly stuffed. In addition, it can cause an unpleasant plastic odor due to its plastic material.
  • Steel Beads: Steel beads is a type of stuffing formed by heat treatment of steel, turning it into a bead shape to fill the blanket. Although they are smoother and healthier than plastic materials, they are quite available for making noise during use due to their metal surface.
  • Glass Beads: Glass beads-filled blankets never make noise during use and they are 60% much thinner and lighter compared to the blankets stuffed with plastic pellets or steel beads. As WONAP brand, we prefer the most ideal stuffing for our users, which is ‘glass beads’. Our glass beads are placed in more densely compacted pockets inside the weighted blanket in order to distribute the weight loaded evenly, create the optimal deep pressure your body requires and prevent any leak.


Among So Many Size Options Out There, How You are Going to Choose?

A weighted blanket should be approximately 8% or 12% of a user’s weight. If you decided to purchase a weighted blanket, all you have to do is choosing the correct size appropriate for you. You can also check out the size of the bed which you will use your blanket on. As the WONAP Team, we put a detailed Size Chart for you that you can go over the sizes including Twin Size Bed, Full Size Bed, Queen Size Bed and King Size Bed.


  • 3 LB – for 25-35 LB
  • 5 LB – for 40-60 LB
  • 7 LB – for 55-80 LB
  • 8 LB – for 65-90 LB
  • 10 LB – for 80-120 LB
  • 12 LB – for 95-140 LB
  • 15 LB – for 120-180 LB
  • 17 LB – for 135-200 LB
  • 20 LB – for 160-240 LB
  • 25 LB – for 200-300 LB
  • 30 LB – for 240-360 LB


Since the Weighted Blanket’s key and most important function is to make the user experience the Deep Pressure, choosing the correct size is very important! If you want to take a closer look to 100% Bamboo WONAP weighted blankets, click here!

Choosing the Right Size for Kids

Children are more intolerant than adults. That is why the correct blanket choice for kids is extremely important, you do not want your child to be overly squeezed while using the blanket. The blanket should approximately equal to 10% of your child’s body weight. The following chart can guide you:


Weighted Blanket

Avg. Age Range

Avg. Child's Weight

3 lbs

2 - 4

25-35 lbs

5 lbs

5 - 8

40-60 lbs

7 lbs

8 - 11

55-80 lbs

10 lbs

11 - 16

80-120 lbs

12 lbs


95-140 lbs


It is not recommended to use weighted blankets on babies which are two years or under two years, because they have not enough strength or motor skills to push and move the blanket on their own.


A Little Goodbye for Now!

We hope that this article helped you to understand the importance of ‘Deep Pressure’ for human health. Now, it is possible to be treated without medications. Weighted Blanket therapy will make you feel perfectly relaxed in every aspect of your life. You are no longer alone with your anxiety and other sub-health problems!


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