Do They Really Work?

People are more concerned with their health than ever before as a result of current circumstances. Although it is dangerous to be physically in gyms due to the pandemic, most personal trainers have turned their way of working online, like other industries. Fitness industry found its way to survive during the pandemic period. 



What is Muscle Recovery?

Regardless of what you read on some fitness sites, there is no better way to help your muscles improve than by eating nutritious meals and having enough sleep. The most crucial move you will take to optimize your muscle regeneration is to live a healthier lifestyle in general. There is no regeneration mechanism that can compensate for inadequate diet and a lack of rest. Many people think that intense supplements are needed to produce benefits from their workouts. While certain nutrients will be beneficial, you would not be able to improve your results because you are still taking care of the fundamentals. Allowing the muscles and body tissues to recover from the strain of exercise is what it takes to recover. 


What is a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted Blankets are cozy throws that are filled with specific materials such as plastic pellets, steel, sand or glass beads. As we WONAP, we use glass beads in our bamboo blanket, which is the most suitable material for human health. The most optimal weighted blanket is going to be the one that weighs 8-12% of your body weight. The feeling of being pressed and squeezed gently by the weighted blanket can result in a relieving effect. This is the key feature that distinguishes the weighted blankets from ordinary ones.




What are the benefits of weighted blankets for recovery?

Weighted blankets are equivalent to intense pressure treatment in its effectiveness. When another person uses a small level of force to relax the body, this is known as acupressure. Consider it a tight hug. The weight relaxes the body, which causes your muscles to relax. It will also improve your sleep, which is helpful to your healing. According to a report conducted in the Journal of Sports Medicine, it acts by adding force around the injured muscle, usually with a light piece of fabric, to increase blood supply around it. The oxygen surrounding the injury aids in its healing. When you sleep with a weighted blanket on, you are adding “compression” to your whole body for a few hours, facilitating quicker muscle recovery.




Choosing the Right One!

Since every body is unique, the “right” blanket can differ as well. For eg, you don't want a thick blanket that makes sleeping uncomfortable. To that end, pick a weighted blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight. So, if you weigh 120 pounds, you can use a 12-pound blanket. Remember the fabric as well. If you get cold or hot easily, look into those made out of bamboo.


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