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22nd December 2020, Posted by Ece A.



Christmas is perhaps one of the most joyful and exciting times of the year for ourselves and our loved ones. Depending on who you're shopping for this holiday (say, your grandma or your teenager sister), classic gifts may be the best choice. But what happens when you realize that you've bought the same cashmere sweater for your husband for the second year in a row? Browse through the WONAP’s storefront for unique Christmas gifts to find something that'll surprise and delight them this year!


Weighted blankets are unique gifts that you can satisfy and surprise your loved ones both physiologically and psychologically. But of course, we would like to give you more detailed info about weighted blankets before advising you to buy weighted blankets.



We did a Quick List for more info, here it comes!


1- What is a Weighted Blanket, How It Functions? 


Weighted blankets that started to be produced in the early 1990s are now being used as a very widespread method of treatment. They are commonly used for controlling anxiety levels and preventing sleep deprivation problems. While some people prefer it for their child with an autism spectrum disorder or their grandparents who have dementia, others prefer weighted blankets to feel as if they are sleeping above the clouds after a tired and stressful working day. 

Weighted blankets contain stuffing made of different materials for providing the required weight load on your body. These weights provide constant tactile sensory stimulation on your body by creating the feeling of being hugged.



2- How Heavy Should Weighted Blankets Be? 


A weighted blanket should be approximately 8% or 12% of a user’s weight. If you decide to purchase a weighted blanket, all you have to do is choosing the correct size appropriate for you. You can also check out the size of the bed on which you will use your blanket. As the WONAP Team, we put a detailed Size Chart for you that you can go over the sizes including Twin Size Bed, Full-Size Bed, Queen Size Bed and King Size Bed.

Since the Weighted Blanket’s key and most important function is to make the user experience the Deep Pressure, choosing the correct size is very important! If you want to take a closer look at 100% Bamboo WONAP weighted blankets, click here


Choosing the Right Size for Kids

Children are more intolerant than adults. That is why the correct blanket choice for kids is extremely important, you do not want your child to be overly squeezed while using the blanket. The blanket should approximately equal to 10% of your child’s body weight.


3- What Should You Look For When Buying a Weighted Blanket?

The first thing we look at when choosing any product that touches our skin is its fabric. If the fabric is soft and of good quality, we chose it.

Which fabric you select for your weighted blanket is ultimately a matter of personal preference. But as a reference, if you’re one who perspires too much (e.g. if you’re experiencing menopause) a cotton or polyester fabric will feel way too heating. Choosing a more breathable fabric alternative such as bamboo may well suit you better under these circumstances.

Unlike blankets or quilts which are only usable in winter and made of wool or cotton and cause itching or irritation when it touches your skin, WONAP weighted blankets can be used in all seasons and do not cause any irritation due to its bamboo fabric. 



Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


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