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People who suffer from chronic conditions do not believe that a weighted blanket can help to solve their problems. With the arrival of 2021, we want to convince you by answering some questions about the benefits of weighted blankets we frequently hear from our customers of WONAP community. 


  • What is the ‘’Weighted Blanket’’?
  • What Are The Benefits of Weighted Blankets?
  • It seems very heavy and can make you sweat, how does it work?
  • Does it really help?




What is a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are special blankets that are filled with specific materials such as beads or pellets. When the user covers their body with a weighted blanket, the result is a calming and relaxing effect. Technically, the effect that provides this feeling of relaxation is called ‘’deep pressure stimulation (DPS)’’. Weighted blankets are not monotype, the weights inside differ according to the person’s weight. Weighted blankets should weigh around ten percent of your own body weight. You can check the ideal size and weight for yourself by clicking here.




What Are The Benefits of Weighted Blankets?

WONAP Weighted blankets apply pressure which is called ‘Deep Pressure Stimulation’. It’s a type of sensation developed when the individual is gently hugged, squeezed, stroked or held. It is really beneficial for people with some chronic sub-health problems such as insomnia, autism spectrum disorder, restless leg syndrome, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, sensory deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, fibromyalgia, etc. Because it helps to reduce stress and enhances sleep quality.

It also reduces stress and anxiety effects and boosts productivity, performance and normalizes daily lives. Especially in psychiatric and clinical disorders, health professionals could recommend heavy blankets and vests because they have a soothing and stimulating effect.



‘’It seems very heavy and can make you sweat, how does it keep user’s body temperature at room temperature?’’

You may be right for other weighted blanket brands. We cannot know which fabric they were made of. However, the biggest difference of WONAP brand is that we use bamboo fabric. It’s highly breathable and identified as the most suitable & healthy material for human health. This is the most basic and unique feature of bamboo plants. This isolation feature is coming by nature, preventing the user from sweating during summer and feeling cold in winter. Bamboo fabric is a plant that keeps your body temperature at room temperature throughout the year.

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Mar 13, 2021 • Posted by Ron Palmer

When it first arrived I was concerned about the weight, I weigh 215 and I bought the 20 weight king size blanket. It took about 3 days for my body to accumulate to the weight, after that Im having the best sleep of my life. You are right bamboo does not make you sweat. It is most comforting to sleep through the night without waking in a huge sweat. Thank you for this fine product

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