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2nd February 2020, Posted by Ece A.


Why Am I Always So Tired?

It is normal to feel so sore when you come home from work at the end of a long day, or when you spend time at home, from chasing after your child or busy with household chores. However, if you feel tired when you are not working or taking actions that make you feel tired, you may need to think at this point. We want to be clear that this blog post is a suggestion, we recommend you to see a doctor if you want to do what is right for yourself. The cause of your chronic fatigue may be hidden in your blood values. We’d like to share with you some common causes of fatigue that you may not think of. 

Chronic fatigue is a symptom of a number of conditions and severe illnesses, but in general, as today’s technological life conditions push us to a sedentary life, chronic fatigue is caused by basic lifestyle factors, which you can fix easily.


1-  Eating Habits

Consuming too much processed food, refined sugar and carbs. The damages of substance called gluten to the body and mind are written by many experts today. You can reach many academic theses and articles about this. Gluten is found in almost every food you consume daily. Everything we eat includes gluten, from bread in breakfast to the crackers you snack on during your work break. Although carbs may be a fast source of energy, eating too many refined sugar or carbs could cause you to feel tired all day long. Because they cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar. This spike in blood sugar levels can make you feel exhausted.

2- Poor Nutrition

Consuming a few calories and extreme diets can cause exhaustion also. Calories are the little energy sources in your food. Your body uses them to shift and power functions such as breathing and keeping a steady body temperature. Even your basal metabolism uses the energy and calories from the foods you consume. Your body works within a range of calories based on factors such as your age, weight, height etc. When you do not eat enough, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy, eventually inducing chronic fatigue.

3- Inadequate Hydration

One of the deficits in the lifestyles of people with constant headaches is that they do not drink enough water. Dehydration happens when you do not drink enough water to cover the missing liquid in your urine, stools, saliva and breath. Several studies show that even moderate dehydration can lead to lower energy levels and diminished ability to concentrate. As you can see, drinking water is vital, when you dehydrate your body and internal organs, your energy level decreases and you feel extreme tiredness.

4- Not Getting Enough & Quality Sleep

Not having enough sleep is one of the most obvious causes of extreme tiredness & chronic fatigue. Your body works a lot while you’re sleeping, including storing memories and releases hormones which control and fix your metabolism and energy levels. After a night with a high-quality sleep, you normally wake up feeling rested, calm and energized. Crucially, sleep should be uninterrupted to allow the brain and cells to go through all the five steps of sleep cycle. Besides having adequate sleep, keeping a daily sleep schedule often appears to help prevent tiredness. It has been clinically proven that weighted blankets regulate sleep and help the person sleep more comfortably. 

Our users strongly recommend WONAP weighted blankets in order to regulate sleep patterns. It also helps with chronic fatigue syndrome because WONAP Weighted blankets apply pressure which is called ‘Deep Pressure Stimulation’. It’s a type of sensation developed when the individual is gently hugged, squeezed, stroked or held. It is really beneficial for people with some chronic sub-health problems such as insomnia, autism spectrum disorder, restless leg syndrome, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, sensory deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, fibromyalgia, etc. Because it helps to reduce stress and enhances sleep quality.

It also reduces stress and anxiety effects and boosts productivity, performance and normalizes daily lives. Especially in psychiatric and clinical disorders, health professionals could recommend heavy blankets and vests because they have a soothing and stimulating effect. For a closer look at our product, please click here.

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