Elders with Chronic Pains
How To Manage?
Weighted Blankets

22nd January 2021, Posted by Ece A.


As our parents and grandparents (65 years or older) get older, the chronic ailments and pains they experience increase day by day. Chronic pains are generally associated with severe impairment due to decreased mobility, lack of movement, slips, depression related to decreased mobility and anxiety, and sleep deprivation. 

It is possible to cope with these pains both mentally and physically. In this blog, we compiled ways to deal with chronic muscle and bone pains, and the effects of weighted blankets on this adventure!
How To Deal With Chronic Muscle and Bone Pains?
Although it sounds very traditional: 
Make Exercise a Part of Your Life!
It is an undeniable fact that regular exercise and mobility are an absolute must for our body and mental health. For example, lying or sitting in somewhere for long periods may actually make the pain last longer because inactivity and stability make you stiffen up, your muscles and bones get weaker day by day, you cannot sleep well, you become lonely and depressed and the pain feels worse. 
That’s why we would like to suggest you exercise first as we surely know that this will happen to your body. 
You can start moving tomorrow by consulting your doctor or physiotherapist and choosing the best sports activity for you and your body. Here are some sports that are most effective in chronic pains:
  • Walking,
  • Swimming,
  • Using an exercise bike,
  • Dancing, yoga, meditations, or pilates.
At least one of these activities should become a part of your daily life. Always try to be active instead of only on the good mood days which are when you’re not in so much pain. These activities are going to help you to reduce your pains. Please consult your doctor first.
Consult a Physiotherapist
 If you have consulted the right person, even short term physical therapy can go a long way in dealing with your chronic pain.
Physiotherapy helps you move better, cures your pain and discomfort, makes daily plans, activities, and goals like running, going to work, sitting somewhere, or getting in and out of bed easier.
Physical therapy is generally applied by a physiotherapist, or in some cases, an occupational therapist. These people are going to give you professional guidance about the best kind of workout and physical operation. Occupational therapists can provide you with environmental changes that can help you stay at work and work well at home.
Occupational Therapists Recommend Weighted Blankets and Vests For a Better Life
Therapeutic products such as weighted blankets and vests provide deep pressure to the muscles and joints when they are used. This indicates that the joints and muscles experience some signals that help to enhance the awareness of the body and where it is in space. Any movements can have the same impact, such as weight-bearing activities such as moving or pulling some ideal heavy objects or by getting a consistent deep pressure such as a weighted blanket.
Weighted blankets help to regulate the nervous system with deep pressure stimulation. After you have a challenging day, a weighted blanket can provide a calming effect to your body, which helps organize the body’s nervous system to promote relaxation and support healthier sleep patterns, as well as support and maintain calm during daily activities.
If you want to feel the effects of the weighted blanket comfortably, remember that the weight of the blanket should be 10% of your body weight, and choose your blanket accordingly.

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