Are Anxiety Blankets Safe for Your Fur Baby?

Are Anxiety Blankets Safe for Your Fur Baby?

Weighted Blankets and Pets

October 12th 2020, Posted by Ece A.


Can Weighted Blankets Heal Dogs Which Have Anxiety?
Here are the answers you need!



      Those who suffer from anxiety and unreasonable distress attacks will understand that gravity blankets are the savior. If you have a little fur baby, you know that we as humans are not the only ones who need extra attention, affection and comfort sometimes.



A brief overview of Weighted Blankets…

Weighted blankets are popular for their ability to lower anxiety symptoms, alleviate stress, combat insomnia, sleep apnea and other numerous sub-health problems. Due to these virtues of weighted blankets, most dog owners prefer to get one for their lovely fur babies. We definitely guess the question in your mind: Are the gravity blankets safe for dogs?

We know how many benefits do weighted blankets have for the human body and some other problems as an organic treatment. That's why we want to see the same effect on pets because when it comes to our pets, we want to give them the best we can!




How Can You Find Out If Your Dog Has Anxiety?

Dogs also show certain symptoms when they are in distress as can be observed in all alive creatures.


  • Pacing
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Excessive Barking
  • Unusual Toilet Behaviors (defecating or urinating indoors)
  • Panting
  • Oversleeping




Most Probable Causes of Dog Anxiety

If you observe the symptoms above and think that your fur baby has anxiety, one of these may be the reason:


Excessive Noise: Your dog's behavior will change when he/she hears fireworks, gunfire, car horn, ambulance or police siren; because dogs are extremely sensitive to high sounds. It may trigger anxiety symptoms.

Separation: We all know you are the one and only love of your furbaby, but it is not possible to be with him/her due to your daily responsibilities. You have to leave him/her at home when you go to work or school. In such situations, your little friend may get anxious.

Travels: No matter how beautiful your destination is, your dog will not like the idea of 'traveling'. Cats and dogs can get anxious in unfamiliar environments by losing the sense of belonging. They also feel distressed by the noise of the engine and road while traveling by car, plane or bus. These three situations can cause your pet to experience anxiety.


A weighted blanket can be a savior for you and your little friend while traveling. WONAP Bamboo Weighted Blanket is in a very suitable form to take with you on a trip with its elegant design and lightness. WONAP's 100% bamboo material and breathability feature do not make you perspire during your travel, and it also does not distract your dog because the glass beads inside are non-noise.




Applying gentle and constant pressure to a dog's body, surrounding a dog much like putting a shawl on your shoulder creates a treatment effect. Weighted Blankets are recommended for dogs with any type of anxiety such as included by travel, separation, noise or stranger.


1- Smell of Intimacy

If you first use the gravity blanket yourself and then give it to your little friend, it will be easier to get used to the weighted blanket. In fact, he/she'll be so happy to smell something about you. When you have to be separated because of going to work or school, your fur baby will feel a sense of familiarity and comfort until the homecoming time.


2- The Feeling of Being Swaddled

Thanks to the small glass beads inside the gravity blankets, an optimal weight occurs on your little friend's body. This weight creates the feeling of 'being hugged'. In this way, your little friend can overcome the symptoms of anxiety and enjoy being safe and calm.


3- Sound Sleep

Your best friend will sleep more comfortably on occasions such as traveling thanks to the gentle pressure applied by the weighted blanket. It has been scientifically proven that it is easier to fall asleep with a weighted blanket.





The gravity blanket should be the right size which is not too heavy and huge for your little friend. Your pet should be able to move freely and shake the weighted blanket off when they've had enough. The recommended size of the weighted blanket should be 10% percent of total body weight, just like those for humans. E.g. If your pet weighs 30 pounds, pick an anxiety blanket that weighs three pounds or less.


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Oct 12, 2020 • Posted by Yigit Ulukent

I was looking for this topic. Thank you. Maybe I will order one for my dog. She is kinda anxious these days and showing aggressive behavior because of her upcoming heat. Thank you!

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