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From drug company advertisements or commercial articles, modern people learn that interrupted sleep is among the most common sleep problems. However, did people in the past really sleep for 8 hours uninterrupted?


We have been away from our social activities at every stage of our lives. When we have the flu, or the psychological problems we experienced at that time, we may not be willing to leave home and go out. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we did not only stay away from our social activities; we have forgotten most of it. But do not worry, all of these will end! Now, stay away from your toxic thoughts with your new anxiety blanket!



‘’You are not being able to calm down, everything feels like it's too much to handle, you're just freaking out, can't breathe enough, everything scares the hell out of you, you'd do almost anything to make it stop, but you cannot’’


''When this anxiety blanket touches your body and applies gentle pressure, your body begins to release melatonin and serotonin, which are happy hormones! I guess that’s why it feels so good!''


Weighted Blankets Proved Us That Medicine-free Relief Is Possible

Try to remember the day you first go on the plane. Maybe you were a kid when you first got on, but we still think you remember that first moment. It is one of the most exciting moments, right? Beside your excitement and curiosity, we are sure that you also experience ‘’fear’’ to your bones.