Anxiety Blanket Support for Panic Attack

Anxiety Blanket Support for Panic Attack



Weighted Blanket’s Support & Effects on Recovery Process
How to Deal With a Panic Crisis?
Guest Post 
Kristen J. (28)


How Would You Describe Panic Attack?


‘’You are not being able to calm down, everything feels like it's too much to handle, you're just freaking out, can't breathe enough, everything scares the hell out of you, you'd do almost anything to make it stop, but you cannot’’


We may face negative situations in our lives that will inevitably make us sad, angry or distressed. While some people overcome this very normally, others may feel like they’re gonna die at that moment. 


I was 21 when I had my first panic attack crisis, and I thought at that moment, it was like I was going to die. Even though there is no palpable reason to die. This is so difficult for me to tell a person who has never experienced a panic attack moment and expect them to understand this.


It happened out of nowhere. I had hard times to catch my breath and felt like a walnut-sized lump stuck in my throat causes trouble in swallowing for a couple of minutes. I felt that blush color on my face. It was like an iron ingot standing in my chest. The walls are coming down on me and my head was spinning with a fire on the nape of my neck. Although I had never had a heart attack before, I could swear that those feelings I was experiencing a heart attack at that moment. My hands and feet were numb and my eyes were blurred.


When rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, feeling of impending doom started happening to me every time unexpected, I realized something was going wrong. I did not know what triggered it and I was afraid that it would happen again a vicious circle of terror and stress was born.


Did You Do Anything Special to Bring Your Panic Attack Under Control?


I think, also according to my experiences, ‘’awareness’’ is the most important phenomenon in such occasions. It is a great blessing to know what happened to yourself, what actually happened at that time, what caused it, and most importantly what to do in moments of panic. Assuming that most people have experienced this unconsciously and do not know what exactly it is, the biggest step in my awareness and recovery process was knowing that what I was going through. I’ve always been at peace with this situation I was experiencing. It would not change anything to be angry with myself or to be angry with the situations happening around me. Do not forget, acceptance is key. You need to embrace your insecurities, these are the main points you have that make you who you are.


Of course, I did not think about the lines you have read above in the moment of crisis and start to perform in my life. When I could no longer hold back what I was feeling, I decided to share it with someone. My sister has been always a good listener. I felt like my sister understands me very well even though she has no panic attack. She always makes me laugh and brings me alive doing funny things.


After sharing my feelings and thoughts with her and doing some exploring in deep together, I was convinced that the panic attack was never something considerable enough to interfere with my life and happiness. 


What can I do better for myself? I’ve always searched harder to find out. I tried to find out what people do, who experience the same things. While some of them got professional help from counselors, some have tried to improve their life quality without panic attacks with breathing exercises and some equipment such as fidget spinners, play doughs and anxiety blankets.


How Does Your Anxiety Blanket Work For You?


I had no idea what anxiety blankets were. I came across the comments and thoughts of several people using it while searching it online. I read that those people with panic attacks could use this anxiety equipment even in places such as workplaces and school in times of stress, intensity and rush.


As I read weighted blankets (some pages call it anxiety or gravity blankets, but I prefer to call anxiety) are used to soothe you by giving the feeling of being held with the weights in anxiety blankets. How could a hug calm my panic attack, this was a huge question mark in my mind before I purchased my first anxiety blanket.


I CLEARLY say that this blanket was a miracle, especially for my sleep pattern. People with panic attacks will understand that some nights we are unable to sleep due to heart palpitations and sweating for no reason. Sleep deprivation, anxiety and panic attacks are in the form of a vicious cycle.

When this anxiety blanket touches your body and applies gentle pressure, your body begins to release melatonin and serotonin, which are happy hormones! I guess that’s why it feels so good!


Apart from the activities I have done to regulate my attacks, this anxiety blanket I have has been a great support for me and my self-control.


I wish I had discovered such a product existed years ago, because my sleep pattern has become better than you can imagine.


As one who has lived with panic attacks & anxiety and also has consulted so many professionals many times, I suggest you ALWAYS be at peace with yourself, embrace your insecurities and psychology if you want to overcome anxiety. Do not constantly try to control what is happening around you! By the way, if you have major sleep deprivation problems, an anxiety blanket is a great option!


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